dbSurfer No-Code Database Forms & Queries


dbSurfer is built using .Net Blazor components, MAUI & Bootstrap.

Currently at .Net 7.0, the Website front end is a Blazor Server project. We are creating a .Net 8.0 Blazor Web Site that mixes the best aspects of server and client (WASM). A Blazor.Net 7 WebAssembly (client) version is available if preferred.

Functionality is built into a separate Blazor component project/library that is also shared with the App front end.

The app is built using Maui so there are IOS, Android and Linux options.

dbSurfer uses a Component / Service based architecture.


Authentication and authorisation to the dbSurfer Web or App is by any of the available modern .Net features, including the new improved model in .Net 8, plus those available in Azure.

Database access is permitted according to the configured connection's permissions in the SQL database.

SQL access is parameterised to prevent the possibility of SQL injection. SQL methods that read the schema information do so via separate service which could use a different database connection if required. Our next version will have the option to cache the schema.

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