dbSurfer No-Code Database Forms

No Code SQL Database Forms

The Ultimate Solution for Dynamic SQL Database Forms

Are you managing an IT project with a myriad of SQL database tables requiring efficient and functional forms? Look no further than dbSurfer.


IT projects generally have anything from a handful to hundreds of SQL database tables that need forms. While some of these may require specific functionality or design, most can easily be handled by dbSurfer.

  • Big savings in time, cost and resources on development projects.
  • Legacy systems compliance where the ancient code base is now lost or unsupported tech.
  • Project deadline approaches and the lookup forms have been left 'til last.
  • dbSurfer forms work the same way and have all the expected functionality.
  • No code base to push, fork, merge, branch, resolve conflicts or lose.
  • Avoid rewrites or Entity Framework migrations if the database schema changes

Ready to revolutionize your database form creation? Embrace dbSurfer – where efficiency meets simplicity. Get started today and turn your database challenges into triumphs!

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